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Salary & Payroll

2023-2024 Pay Dates

2023-2024 Payroll Dates

Retirement and Cafeteria Plan

Teacher Retirement System of Texas
This is the link to the TRS website.

Cafe Plan Change in Election 
For use only when a qualifying event has occurred

Payroll Change Form 
For address changes and deduction changes that don't fall within the cafeteria plan.

Employment Forms

W-4 Print, complete and send to administration to
change your income tax withholding.

EFT Direct Deposit Authorization Forms

Use this form when you need to change your
direct deposit information.

Extra Duty Help Pre-Authorization Form 
This must be filled out and sent to admin prior
to getting extra help at campuses

Extra Duty Pay Paysheet 
For use when reporting pay owed that is
non-substitute in nature.

Hourly Employee Weekly Worksheets 
For use in reporting hourly employees weekly
hours and leave used.

Absence from Duty Report 
Form used to report absences not generated by Aesop

Using the Time Clock Sytem for Non-Exempt Employees