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School Nurse Information









Tammi Lide

RN/Coordinator/High School


Phone: 903-873-5100 ext 7145

Fax: 903-873-2465









Heather England

RN/Woods Intermediate


Phone: 903-873-5152

Fax: 903-873-3134

Health Services Mission Statement

It is the mission of Wills Point Independent School District professional nurse to assist the students to obtain and to maintain their optimal health, thereby enabling them to take full advantage of their educational opportunities. 


Health Services Goals and Objectives

1. To administer first aid when necessary

2. To assess the health needs of students and school personnel by making health appraisals and referrals to appropriate community agencies. 

3. To keep well and happy children in school a maximum number of school days each year. 

4. To provide current health information and instruction to students, parents, and school personnel. 

5. To advocate and help provide a safe environment conducive to the promotion and maintenance of health. 

6. To promote a sound plan for controlling communicable disease. 

7. To promote the value of wholesome, healthy attitiudes toward physical, mental and moral development through teaching and example.